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The Journey

We are fee-based financial advisors on a mission to give a personalized financial planning experience to each and every one of our clients. Financial planning can be stressful and overwhelmingly technical. At Traverse Planning, we like to simplify the complex. We view your journey through life as being similar to climbing a mountain. Let our financial guides prepare you for the journey ahead.

The Ascent

The concept of climbing a mountain can be exciting yet intimidating at the same time. There’s a rewarding view at the top, but you’re worried about the whole process and the climb itself. How do you prepare for the journey ahead? Which path up the mountain is best for you?

Your financial journey to retirement is equally rewarding and perilous. How do you know if you’re saving enough for your family’s future? How do you efficiently tackle debt or pay for your child’s education? When will you reach the summit and retire?

Our Financial Guides will help you prepare for the unknown by creating a personalized financial plan that addresses your family’s needs and goals. We will equip you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your financial future. Our Financial Guides will give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy the journey ahead.

The Descent

Reaching the mountain summit may sound like the most daunting part of your journey, but the real challenge lies in getting back down safely. The majority of missteps and accidents occur on the climb down the mountain. You’ve worked tirelessly to reach the summit and retire, but your next steps are the most important.

What do you do now that you don’t have a paycheck? How do you make sure that you don’t run out of money? How will you navigate the next market crash? These are all important questions one faces once he/she retires.

All of your hard work has led to this moment. You’ve retired and your only priority should be to enjoy it. A skilled Financial Guide can help you coordinate your spending, investment & tax strategies to maximize the fun and minimize the stress of retirement.